На фоне Гавела снимается …

… и птичка вылетает

на награждении БАФ
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The art of problem solving

how to make the services like Amazon not so bad?

to write in a blog about it so that millions of people read about it.
now nothing can help but the power of mass. unfortunately now not always the power of one kind person help.

moreover we all know that money is not the most important, but time!!!
so, is it all fake, what is written kindly in Amazon?
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В окресностях Москвы-реки

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Берег реки Великая, то ли 13-й то ли 14-й год.
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на реке Каширка/Kashirka on the river pinhole ilford panf
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Observations #1,2

Observation #1 «Time and memory»
I found that we know each other with my music teacher for 20 years already. 20 years! At that time I was as small as the girl in the foto. After 30 years people change a lot. People grow, get lost, find something, loose something, forget something. If people forget each other, they can meet each other as new people.
«Tак долго вместе прожили, что вновь
второе января пришлось на вторник,
что удивленно поднятая бровь,
как со стекла автомобиля — дворник,
с лица сгоняла смутную печаль,
незамутненной оставляя даль.»

Observation #2 «Charity Network»
How people are working in charity funds looks like spreading mechnisms in the networks:
if some fund cannot help a person, they spread the request further until the target is reached.
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Thinking about…

Remember that once in the child I wrote some kind of «epitaphy».
Back then I wanted to leave all my books and copybooks with some «scientific findings» to my parents and best friends. Now when I am leaving one city to another I try to give away all things I have so that I can diffuse myself in this place and so that my friends still have an atom of «me» from these small symbolic things…

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В ботаническом саду совершенно пьяный мужик стоит перед цветущим кустом: — Могу ли я… Не… Хочу ли я… Не… Говно ли я… О! Магнолия! — Идиллия!!!
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green and violet

I would leave everything, to my friends, to people I do not know and will never know. I already gave away most of the things, and most of them are just some strange reminders of the past.
The books are different: I look to my library…
Somerst Moem's books is not just MSU-period when I first read him, he is one more door to the world.
Nabokov's «The defence» — is crystal game of the words' play.
Abraham Anatol — is another Wiener's «I am mathematician», suggested by physics professor Sokolov.
«Tears of owl soul» by Siluan Aphonskii is a strong reminder, a light-house for me, though I never yet finished this book.
There are also books, about which I know, I will never even finish them, like «Atlas shrugged» or «Black swam», though everyone talks about them. There are books, which I will always will be willing to reread, like Bunin's «Black allees» and «Anoton's apples».
The list is incomplete and I am waiting for the next book to be read or to be written.
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When we leave to another place

When we leave to another place we sometimes leave fingerprints after us: we leave our books, postcards from friends, teapots, from which we were drinking so many cups of tea every evening.

There is a good, very clear feeling about time when we leave: we make some space for something new to come.
One of the reason why I like to leave is because you can also give all your things to your friends, so that your fingerprints become their fingerprints at some point in time.
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