theory of tails

French tail

In a childhood I did not like when my mother was making one tail from my hair.
Two tails were much better, but one — it was the worst.
But the most strange thing, which I was experiencing on myself in the childhood was a special kind of a tail, so-called «French tail», which my mother for some reason liked the most.
Probably you cannot imagine it as much if you are a boy, but when I had this «French tail» all my thoughts were just about the moment how to get rid of this «French tail». It was as if not just my hair, but also my thoughts, were bounded together.
So, in was free from home on the way to school I was always unbinding my hair and walking without any tail. For some reason this hairstyle was called «French tail». So I was always imaging that all the girls from France should probably wear it. And I literally felt sorry for all French girls, who needed to wear it.

Much later when I went to France, I remembered this story and I was even looking for at least one French girl, who would go with such a tail in the streets, but I did not find any. Maybe time has changed.

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