Moscow bufet

Once I came home. It was early November.
I was very happy to walk through Moscow University, Chistye Prudy, Bulvar Allee, all houses, streets, everything was making feel that I am finally here!
I went to have lunch in cafe «Osetinskie pirogi» close to Chistye prudy metro station. And then the story began…

I was sitting in the cafe and working.
The music «Russian shanson» was loudly playing, the waitress, who was actually not a waitress, but more a girl who may answer the question like «how much does this cake cost?», «can I have a green tea or only black?».
Anyway, I ordered normal black tea, cake «Kartoshka», which looks really like a potato in fact. Other people were drinking tea and eating something like a Osetinskij cheese-cake (don't mix with cheese-cake in Europe!). I also was drinking water from my termos, as usual. For two minutes I went from my table to wash my hands. I came back and I found that there is a cup of tea, a cake, as it was before, but no termos. I started to ask people around the table, what happened? But nobody answered. It was the answer more like «we do not care», we just want to drink our tea and don't distirb us. I was a bit surprised by this and coming back to work I was thinking that I will never ever come to this cafe, where somebody stole my termos.
After 20 minutes some people started to come to the room of cafe where I was, some were briefly looking at me, some were talking with waitress. Then one woman came to me and said:
«Sorry, devushka,» (it is important word in Russia when you are a young lady, or even not so young lady, everybody will name you like this) «sorry, I heard, that somebody stole your termos».
«Yes» — I said, a bit surprised.
«And are you sure, it was in your table?»
I answered, that yes, I was pretty sure.
After some time a man came to me and asked, whether anybody saw my termos, then he told me, that he is selling something in the enighboring room to this cafe and that somebody stole his money once.
I said, that I understand, that it may happen, but I started to think, that the relation of people to me already is starting to change. People started to be more and more friendly, they suggested more tea for me, started to tell their stories not related to my story.
After 20 minutes I needed to leave, but I always will keep the memory about the people, who could understand and share their stories, experience with another people around them!

Sorry for writing in English about my story, but I just wanted more people to understand some stories, which may happen with them in Moscow…
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