We live in this World.
We live in the World where a lot of things can be bought and selled, sometimes it is not so good,
for example when people start to think that almost everything can be bought: flowers, chocolate, health, frienship…
Is not it strange, that sometimes I complain about something but do not do anything? But actually all of us know that we can change a lot of things only if we start doing it by ourselves(see proof below)
So, less words.
As a spring is so soon. In some contries there is a tradition to give flowers to women, especially on one day.
Why not to extend this tradition (generalize it, to be more precise)?!
The first day of spring all people can go to the street and

You can call it flash-mob, experiment, anti-contra-over-femino-sexist action (whatever), but this is just the action when people can give something beautiful to each other, like a FLOWER: small child to old man, girl to another girl.
It doesn't matter, what proffesion or how many languages do you have: you can take flowers in your garden or in the shop, you can make it yourself from paper. Let us start with the small good thing our new spring.


(The proof, that everyone can start changing the world in a better way)
Did you know, that if someone, only one person will smile to another and the another one will give this smile to another one and he also to another and so on, soon there will be the whole world smiling, because all people now each other within 6 smiles [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_degrees_of_separation]).

(networks and processes on networks)
There are, for example, some models, which were hundered years ago described by some statistical physicians,
as spreading deseases, SIS, for example (and statistical physical analog, spread in gas).
We approximate it in a very simplified model: to spread flowers through people.
It takes not so much time: about 5 minutes to make each flower.
Of course, in this action I would like to collect some money to send them to rebuild school in Ukraine,
to buy something for old people at least in the beginning of this spring.

Sorry, I write in English because not yet all of people know Russian or Spanish or whatever…
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