Back to the USSR

The first impressions of a country are the most important.
Just when I came to Moscow waiting on a passport control, I saw a girl waiting for customers to check her passport.
She was staying in a que before me and she was waiting for like 1 minute customers to call her to come. But they were not.
People on a back were mumbling something about lost time etc. Then after 2 minutes a woman from customer-police servise
in a very annoyed voise loudly said
«Ну чё, ещё долго будете там стоять?»
Untranslatable jargon, which is approximately «Ok, will you wait for long there?»
Then I went to a military city, where my parents are living.
I came to my music school and there I could sit just for hours to observe people, to listen to children playing and singing.
This white-red-rainbow noise of sounds makes me dizzy, also maybe because of the memories of all years spent in this place, full of music, children tradegy «I forgot to prepare a lesson»,
happinness of succidining to go forward in sound or happiness of just being with other children, who also like music, almost as you.
Moscow, Snt-Petersburg. Cities full of new emotions I never felt anywhere in the world.
llubov  #
В этом месте пока ещё никто не высказался
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